Kyle is an award winning image maker & storyteller, using photography, videography, graphic design and sound design as his vehicles for expression. His expertise lies in the electronic music, surfing & wellness industries, working with Grammy Award winning musical artists, boutique fashion and lifestyle brands and is also involved in the production and curation of cultural & educational events such as film festivals and masterclasses.

His body of work is inspired from the 40+ countries of travel, international clientele and his time spent living and breathing within unique coastal & urban communities. 

Kyle is incredibly passionate about the strategic production of digital media—fusing his hard & soft skills to create content, manage teams and exercise his keen technical knowledge of various hardware & software. 

Kyle is a graduate of IED Barcelona (2013) — Media Design; has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication & Journalism (2010). He aims to push and share his love of the arts further through academic research, keynote presentations, judging panels and exhibiting artwork throughout Europe and North America.



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